Aiah Ambrose Barbah
Aiah Ambrose Barbah holds Bachelor of Science in Accounting and finance. From 2007-2008 Mr. Aiah studied Advance diploma in Human Resources development. He also holds a commercial management from England.

Mr Aiah was previously the Special Assistant to Sierra Leone of Vice President Alhaji Samuel Sidique Sam-Sumana. Before he became Special Assistant to the Vice president of Sierra Leone, he was a program assistant to the minister of state office of the Vice President Sierra Leone. Between 2004-2007 Mr. Aiah was the finance officer of the Sierra Leone base NGO KONDO.
Mr. Aiah speaks to us: “I have four years working experience with NGO and eight years working experience with Sierra Leone government. I believe that the children of Sierra Leone need attention because they are the true victims of our leaders who mismanage the country resources. What Providing New opportunities is doing is what the nation should to, which is to focus on tomorrow leaders by giving them good education and taking care of them”.
Providing New Opportunities is proud to have Mr. Aiah M. Barbah as our ambassador. We think he fits as an ambassador for us just because he does not only have experience with one of our leaders in Sierra Leone, but he has also worked and gained four years of experience from NGO work. We look forward to work more with Mr. Aiah. Thank you

Kjell Rune Sellin
Kjell Rune Sellin(born 1 june 1989 in Namsos-Norway) is a Norwegian footballer currently playing for Sandefjord FC. He came to Norwegian Champions Rosenborg From second Division team Byåsen IL in August 2008.He have won the Norwegian Premier league and hold to 2 cup medals. He made his debut for Rosenborg as a substitute in the 4-0 loss against Tromsø IL the same month as he arrived to the club.

«I have really a deep inner motivation of helping children who are in need. I want to experience the joy of helping children who daily have to fight In misery, and in addition have minimal or nothing to survive on. I want to help to make a difference in order to give them healthy options in their lives».
 Providing is very happy to have Kjell Rune Sellin on board. He has proven to be a healthy role model for so many Children who watch him week in week out on TV.He is a true champion and he always take his time to promote us. We are enormously thankful.

Alfred Sankoh

Alfred Sanko was born October 22nd 1988. He is a Sierra Leonean footballer currently playing for Balikesurspor in Turkey. Mr. Sankoh began training with Strømsgodset in May 2008, and later signing a permanent contract with the club in July, the same year. In July 2012, Sankoh signed a three-year contract with TFF first league side Sanliufaspor. Two years later, in July 2014, Sankoh moved to Khazar Lankaran , signing a two-year contract. He is a starter for the Sierra Leone National team. Today, Mr. Sankoh hold medals from Norwegian team Strømsgodset and Sierra Leonean team FC kallon.
Alfred Sankoh about Providing New Opportunities; “As a Sierra Leonean myself, I know how much this Project is needed for our nation. What PNO is doing is vital for our Nation. This is the kind of things that we will mean a lot to our people who live on less than 2 USD a day. I narrowly escape from the street because of football and because people helped me, so if my voice can help I am willing to do so. We can sit here and complain as much as we want, but in the end you have to ask yourself, what have you done to help your nation? I was honoured when they asked me to be their ambassador”.

Lotte Lien

Born September 7th, 1988, in Trondheim, Norway, Lotte Lien is a Norwegian boxer. Out of 49 official games Lotte have won as many as 40. September 20th, 2009, Lotte became European champion in Welterweight after 5-0 victory over Polish Katarzyna Furmuniak. She also won against the Swedish boxer Klara Svensson on knock-out in the third Round. She went on to beat high rated Russian Jirina Potejeva i the quarter final and the French boxer Gayada Lagmiri in the Semi-final. The following year she ended 5th place in World Cup.
She has won the award Årets Trønder, which is a combined award given by TV-station NRK and the oldest Newspaper in Norway (Adresseavisen ). To whom who has achieved or been a role model in either educational or cultural institutions in Trondheim. Former winners of this prestigious award are Nils Arne Eggen, the most merited coach in Norway, and Nobel Prize winners in Physiology or medicine May-Britt and Edvard Moser, to name few. Lotte will graduate this year, 2016, with a Bachelor degree in Child Welfare Officer.

Lotte states the following about Providing New Opportunities; “I was so honoured when Mr. Mori James asked me to be an ambassador of PNO. The other day I was telling my friend about how some people give up everything to help others, and that I wanted to do some charity too. Then Mori James, the CEO of PNO called me; I was thrilled to hear that he wanted me on board. It did not take me many seconds to say yes, because I know what it means to people in Sierra Leone. I have been too focused on school and boxing the past decade. I love kids and I want every child’s voice to be heard. That’s why I want to be a Child Welfare Officer. Children all over the world are equal and they should be seen and heard”.

We are not only happy to have on board a European Champion but also a wonderful woman who acknowledge children’s active positions in societies. Lotte have already showed us that she cared; she studied African Culture from the University NTNU and Latin American History and Spanish from the same University. In 2009 Lotte volunteered 2 months in an orphanage in Kenya. You’re a true Inspiration person and Proving New Opportunities are lucky to have such a great person on board.