As of now, the Organization is targeting mainly target children in Kenema & Bo Cities in the Southeast of Sierra Leone but with a vision to expand to all the fourteen (14) districts of Sierra Leone in the near future. We do have Offices in BO and Kenema.

Our long-term goal is to build a children’s village for vulnerable children, including orphans, and those affected by poverty and conflict in these areas. We want to create for them, safe and stable surroundings, where they can learn to be of hope, contribute to national development and have a bright future.

From the creation and inception of this Organization, we have maintained a very basic and straight forward mission.  We believe it is of the utmost and critical importance to empower children, to instill self-confidence and to help children know that with proper guidance, direction and support they can accomplish anything.
As the organization’s name implies, Providing New Opportunities (PNO), believe that all aspects of its work should reflect the basic concept of moving children in the direction of “I know I can.”  To that end, it is our obligation as a growing Organization to create a Corporate Compliance Plan that guides our work and business in a manner that reflects high ethical and corporate standards. We hope to participate and work in changing the children’s future. Primarily, PNO hopes to give the children living in the children’s village the opportunity to create a new, safe and brighter life.