Your contribution can help us change a life today, and to help us provide our children with a brighter future.

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It is our goal to develop future leaders among these children so that one day they can help make their country self-sufficient. We believe that Providing New Opportunities can help these children aspire. Removing these children from situations of poverty, hunger, sickness and insecurity, we can provide them with the stable conditions for them to achieve their dreams and potentials.

In order to reach our goal we need your help. Providing New Opportunities is reliant on donations to support the sustainability of its program and its work with children, youth, schools and communities in Sierra Leone. Even a small amount to help us will make a difference, and every amount will be highly appreciated.

Providing New Opportunities guarantees that all sponsorship donations the organization receives, goes directly to support the children’s village and the children.


When donating to Providing New Opportunities, you can choose whether to give a one-time amount, or to become a regular sponsor. Any amount is accepted and appreciated. When PNO enter its next phase of the project, after building the home, you can also choose to sponsor one child, or the children’s village itself. Finally, you can also choose to receive updates regularly about the children and the home.

Once registered as a sponsor you will get more information about our project, and a contact information you can use in case of any questions.

You will have access to our budgets and reporting, so you can see the results of your donations and see that they go straight to their purpose. You can send letters, emails and greetings, and gifts to the children or staff in our team in Sierra Leone. Our team in Trondheim will guide you through everything and assist if you should have any questions.

Contact for any questions