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Mori James

Director and CEO

Mori have more than six years of experience working with children and youths in Norway. He has also been working in different schools in Trondheim, Norway. Our founder does also have previous experience with charity as he has participated in different charities before he founded PNO.
For Mori, Providing New Opportunities is a way of showing appreciation and confirmation to those who have made him who he is today, and to show them that they were not working tirelessly in vain. He was motivated, encouraged to study and learned to work with other people.
Therefore, he states, “If I can get a child to get a better understanding of the paths we come across in life, then I have done something right”.
His message to aspiring volunteers who are near giving up follows; Yes, your workload may look crazy at times, but that will pass. You can never know what you can achieve, unless you try.

Ida Gansmo Fjellestad
Sponsor Coordinator and Field Advisor
Ida is born and raised in Nord-Trøndelag County, Norway. In 2006, she moved to Tondheim, where she has been living since. In Trondheim, she graduated her Bachelor degree in kindergarten, specializing international and multicultural work. Today, she works at the Saupstadringen Kindergartens, which accepts children from all cultures. Her role within Providing New Opportunities is to plan and ensure a structured home, where the children have access to the facilities then need.

Project advisor
Lisa is 26 years old and she just finished her Master’s degree in MPhil in Development, specializing in Geography, at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). She has always had a desire to help those in need. Her Master’s thesis raised questions about small private development initiatives and she did her fieldwork for her thesis in Ghana in 2014. From this, she holds a lot of knowledge about how initiatives like PNO can be successful and sustainable. Her experience from volunteering in Kenya where she was teaching refugees, and her field of study, she wishes to make sure that our Children’s village in Bo, Sierra Leone can be a stable and long lasting mission.

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Vidar Gansmo Fjellestad
Accountant consultant
Vidar is 31 years old and is currently working for DNB as a financial advisor. He is born and raised in a small town in the west of Norway called Sandane. Vidar had some experience working with children during his time as a student at NTNU where he took a degree in media science, and worked part time in different kindergartens in Trondheim. He also works for Rosenborg Ball Klubb as a football coach for children. Vidar will work as an financial advisor, and marketing consultant for Providing New Opportunities.

Pia Kristin Østeraas

Marketing consultant

Anette Olsen- Sponsor coordinator

Anette Olsen is a 22 year old who is educated as a child and youth caretaker. She has lived and worked for an orhanage in Limuru, Kenya,her love and passion for children is amazing.From an early age miss Olsen decided that this was something she wanted to dedicate her life to.Before joining us Anette worked with different charity organization in her home town Trondheim. Anette is planing to take her nurse degree this year.And her dream is to work abroad when she finishes her degree.
She is our sponsor coordinator , and work abroad when she finishes her degree.


Daniel D.Siafffa

Daniel D. Siaffa
Manager&Technical consultant in Sierra Leone


Raymond sawyer-Country Coordinator Sierra leone